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There have been a few things that have happened in Hollywood recently that I feel the need to give my two cents about.

#1: El Bachelor.

Juan Pablo (Jose Cuervo as my husband refers to him) is a complete chauvinist pig! His own FAMILY warned both girls to run away!! Red flags much?

IMG 1330

You are the bad guy. You never listened to any of the women when they talked to you – you just nodded and said, “Is okay, okay, shh…” You want your women quiet and submissive, just like Nikki was after the final rose ceremony. She barely said a thing, just sat there and looked pretty. Did he REALLY wink at her and say, “I like you. I like you a looooot.” as he gave her the final rose?! No no no!!! I hope that Nikki’s family is counseling her to run away and that she listens.

I’m also mad about Claire not holding him accountable for his nasty remarks to her. She just let him weasel his way back in with some fluff about meeting his family & didn’t even make him answer for it. Booooooo.

#2. Gwenyth & Chris’ “Conscious Uncoupling”

Gp chris2

What. The. Heck. They’ve made up a new term to describe splitting up. It made me SO sad to hear that after 10 years, they are getting a divorce. I feel so bad for their two children. Divorce is harder on the children than anyone else (my parents uncoupled when I was 13 for those of you who didn’t know). And I have always had trouble wrapping my head around the fact that you still love each other and remain best friends, but you can’t be married anymore. It just seems crazy to me. I got sick reading the article by Dr. Habib & Dr. Sherry after Gwenyth’s announcement stating that because people live longer now, it’s just unrealistic for people to remain married their entire lives. Bah-lone-eeeeey. Sad sad sad.

#3. I am LOVING The Amazing Race All-Stars right now!!


Jet Cord

I have loved the Cowboys since their first time on the show. They work hard, they’re kind to everyone, and they don’t whine. Perfect Amazing Race material! I’ve tried out twice and still haven’t been asked on. C’mon guys!! I wanna race around the world!

Also super entertaining to watch are Dave & Connor. They’re LDS like me and Dave is exactly like my father-in-law! He seriously looks, sounds, and acts just like him. It makes it really fun to watch with my husband :)

Dave  Connor

Okay – that’s all I have to say about that. Anything you’d like to add?


  1. Ditto. Ditto. And I think I need to start watching the Amazing Race.

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