Mullets, Missionaries, & Frozen

We had a lovely lunch date with Nana at Costco. These little girls love their Nana!! Ada was pretending to be soooo cold she was frozen.

IMG 5066

My Uncle Devin & I have a running joke where we give each other gag gifts for our birthdays. Last year I gave him a horse head, this year – a mullet!!! Bahaha I told him to wear it to church but he didn’t listen to me. Nana did NOT like it and wanted it off his head immediately. Mission accomplished :)

IMG 5150

Ice cream time with Nonnie!! We went to Doc Burnstien’s in Old Orcutt. I had a major lapse of judgment and let both of my girls get bubble gum ice cream in cones…what was I thinking?! They were happy, I was sticky & stressed ;) The Salted Caramel ice cream is soooooo good. Try it, you’ll like it!

IMG 5159

Two future missionaries! Ada’s Primary teacher is so sweet & always makes extra crafts for Lola. She’s so thoughtful :)

IMG 5164

When picking out Uncle Devin’s wig, we had fun trying on Bubble Gum & Ariel wigs! Ada kills me with her Ariel face.

IMG 5170

My dad bought me this shirt in England. It cracks me up. Yes, I love Dr. Pepper. No, I would not buy this for myself. Yes, I wear it a lot. Thanks Pops :)

IMG 5167

We had the missionaries over for dinner and I made them these Cafe Rio pork salads. SO GOOD!! This was the best overhead shot I could get…ah well :)

IMG 5189

Can’t wait to have the real thing in a few weeks!!! Utah, here we come!

IMG 5188

My little Elsa and Anna, ready to siiiing!

IMG 5081

Here are two clips of them singing during their talent show, taken by Antes Liz (what Lola calls her) or Uncle Devin :)


  1. Sounds like you had a very lovely day. I keep hearing “Let It Go” everywhere I go. I’m sure you as a mom hear it a lot more than I do!

    Haven’t had lunch at Costco in years! Do they still have their amazing pizza and churros?

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