Hijacked Phone, Breakiss, and Other Things

IMG 2145

While Lola naps, Ada and I work on letters, writing, coloring, and other fun (quiet) things.

She loves the one-on-one time and so do I.

IMG 2222

We went to Panera for dinner the other night. I got their BBQ Chicken Salad (not as good as CPK) and French Onion Soup. They didn’t put the yummy croutons in though!

IMG 2155

Ada and I made the same funny face without planning it…related much?

IMG 2223

Lola hijacked my phone and I had to delete 30 pictures that looked exactly like this!

IMG 2196

And 10 like this! Sneaky spy documenting me eat!

IMG 2205

Lola wakes me up in the morning with her request for breakfast. Yesterday was, “Hi Mommy. Hungee. Graaaape! Breakiss!!!”

She was very happy with her choice of crepes for breakfast. Sometimes it’s eggs and toast, sometimes it’s cereal…a girl after her mom’s heart :)

IMG 2232

I made Ada take a nap yesterday because she was so crabby. I love how she looks when she sleeps!

IMG 2234

My mom, sister, and I went to a shop for their open house kicking off the holiday season. It was fun! We went out to Mexican food after.

IMG 2238IMG 2239

Then I came home & threw up all of my dinner. Yuck. Rough night & still feeling icky but think the worst is over. My mom bought me some Saltines & ginger ale that have helped.

The stomach flu is going around like crazy right now. So far nobody else has caught it from me, I’m worried about my mom and sister though because they each had a sip of my virgin strawberry daiquiri last night : / It’s been hard not to kiss my babies!

How’s your weekend going?

What’s your favorite thing at Panera? – Turkey Bravo & French Onion Soup

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