Christmas Tree

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went up to Nipomo to pick out our tree! We’ve come to Holloway’s ever since I can remember. Their Monterey Pines are my favorite kind of Christmas Tree. They smell heavenly and are the prettiest trees in my humble opinion :) Even when we lived in Santa Cruz, we bought a tree here and then drove 3 hours with it strapped to the top of our car! It was totally worth it.

Holloway's Christmas Trees

You will find trees in every shape and size at this tree farm. As we were looking at a larger tree, Lola said, “My tree!” And ran over to this little Charlie Brown tree.


We went to pick out our tree on a beautiful California blue-sky day. I regretted my sweater and boots after a while, it got hot out there. We’d talked about getting hot chocolate after, but those plans quickly changed when the weather did. I’m not complaining, this is why I live where I do.

Standing by the winning tree, Ada wished that 5 or 6 trees before this were our tree. Every one that looked good to us she’d say, “Yeah, I like this one. Let’s buy this one!”


I love bringing my little family to the place where I grew up picking out my tree and carrying on the Christmas tradition.

While Matt and I were dating, he came with my family to pick out that year’s tree and everyone was amazed by his energy! We played hide and seek in the trees. Now we carry babies and give piggy back rides instead.


Everyone at Holloway’s is so friendly. The ladies at the front desk gave Lola a candy cane and she was a happy camper!



Once you find your tree, you cut it down yourself or wait for one of the guys with the tractor to come around and do it for you. My studly husband will have nobody else cut his tree down, of course! Then you load up your tree and ride along with it to the front.


Tying down my mom’s tree.


I am so grateful to have such a fun tradition to carry on with my children. There is nothing like watching the magic in their eyes as you cut down your very own tree and set it up in your home! I love the thrill of the hunt and bringing home the perfect tree. Thank you for giving us this, Holloway’s…we will be buying your trees for years to come!

Helping Papa water our tree :)

IMG 1057

This post was originally published on Mom it Forward on 12/9/13.

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