Two Reasons Why I Love Craigslist


IMG 3040

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I’d been looking for a nice, solid desk with a large workspace and I finally found it. I originally thought that I’d have to buy an old one and paint it, but this baby was in such great shape that I’m leaving it as-is.

2. Our new puppy, Maverick!!! His owner posted about him on Craigslist and we went to go see him that night.

IMG 3104

He crawled right into my lap and fell asleep…needless to say – we are smitten!

IMG 3103

His mom is a purebred Chocolate Lab and his dad is an Australian Shepherd.

IMG 3110

The night we met him, we had to wait a week to pick him up because he was too young to be separated from his mother. I looked at these pictures every day just waiting for the day he was OURS!

IMG 3097

He’s adjusting well and we are loving him. He sleeps through the night, is about 90% potty-trained, and knows the commands for sit, lay, stay, down, and no bites.

Has anyone else had luck with Craigslist?


  1. Would love to see more pictures of Maverick <3

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