Trick or Treat Em for Howl-O-Ween?

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I never thought that I would be the type of person that would buy a dog costume. Then I saw the video on the Blue Buffalo – YouTube channel of SPIDER DOG! I laughed so hard and thought it would be hilarious to dress Maverick up as a spider. I did find a spider costume (not as awesome as the one in the video), and Mav looks so cute in it! Trick or Treat Em (1 of 6)It’s got light-up eyes, fangs, little legs hanging off the sides, and a fluffy rump…too much! His ears don’t really go through the holes like they’re supposed to, but I think it makes him look so cute. Trick or Treat Em (2 of 6)Look at that concentration. He is being so good waiting for a Milkbone treat. Trick or Treat Em (3 of 6)If you go to, you can take a quiz to see your pet’s Halloween personality (Maverick is “Quite The Trickster”), make a custom frame for your pet’s picture, and get a coupon for treats! Trick or Treat Em (4 of 6)Our mailman carries dog treats in his pocket and I think that is so smart! He’s come to our door and commented on how good Maverick is to lay by the screen and not bark. I love the idea of having treats ready for the pups that come Trick-or-Treating with their families. I’m sure the puppy parents would appreciate it too!  Trick or Treat Em (5 of 6)Our local FoodsCo has tons of Big Heart treats to choose from. If you can get around the boxes first ;) IMG_8477Mav loves his treats and will do all of his tricks to get one! 11 months old and he can:



Lay down

Roll over



Balance on his hind legs (Up)

He’s been working hard on his tricks and will definitely get treats from us this Howl-O-Ween! What about your pets?Trick or Treat Em (6 of 6)


  1. Jenna Wood says:

    I got one of these costumes for our pets too, the light up eyes were too much to resist. It’s great you could find such a cute costume for a bigger dog! Maverick is adorable waiting for his treats! #client

    • I know Jenna, the light up eyes sold me!! haha I bought an XL for Maverick and it was still a bit too small for him! Wonder what people with Great Danes do? ;)

  2. That costume is too cute! My pets have costumes too! Who would have thought we’d end up getting our pets costumes, huh? lol

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