Things My Daughters Say

Lola, while eating popcorn, bit her own finger.

Lola: “Owwwwww!!! Maggick bite meeeee!”

Me: “Lola, I think you just bit your own finger.”

Lola: “Noooooo Maggick bite meeeeee!”

Me: “Lola, Maverick is sitting right by me, and I watched you bite your own finger. We need to be careful when we eat, not to bite our fingers, tongues, or cheeks.”

Lola: “Yeah, me bite mine finga.”

IMG 4866

Ada saw me kissing MattĀ and said, “Mommy. He’s MY prince.”

I told herĀ that she’d find her own prince one day, but I could share Papa until she did :)

IMG 4858
Ada: “Mommy, Lola always coffees me. I just learned that it means she’s a coffee cat because she does everything I do.”

IMG 4862

Ada asked me to snuggle with her. She put her little head under my chin and said, “Mommy, I love you because you’re fluffy and your heart sparkles.”

IMG 4340

Ada handed me a big rock at the beach and I said, “Oooh thanks! Can I throw it in the water?” And she says, “No! It’s for a special occasion.”

IMG 4685

I walked into my mom’s house to pick Lola up and she goes, “Mommy I LOVE your dress!” (She’s talking so much now!)

IMG 4746

Ada: “Papa, when you’re done eating dinner and talking to Mommy, then you can come sleep by me. That’s not against the law.” (while giving him a thumbs up)

IMG 4804

We tried watching Pocahontas. Ada thinks that Grandmother Willow is scary (can’t blame her there), that Governor Ratcliffe’s ponytails are ugly, and she keeps asking when Pocahontas gets her princess dress. I told her that when she goes to England she gets a big princess dress!

And last but certainly not least, Ada got her first CTR ring at church on Sunday! This is how she showed me, while saying, “Choose The Right!” I didn’t tell her that the middle finger up meant anything bad, but suggested other ways to show off her ring that reminds her to always choose the right! Oh parenting is so funny sometimes :) Such innocence! IMG_5031

Love these little turkeys :)
IMG 4875

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