Happy Halloween!

Halloween was so much fun this year! We dressed up as Yo Gabba Gabba characters and I loved seeing people’s reactions! Little kids were so excited & people with older children looked at us like we were crazy. Awesome either way :)

Matt as DJ Lance Rock, me as Muno, Lindsay as Plex, Ada as Foofa, and Lola as Brobee!

IMG 0954

I got these costumes way back in February! It was a crazy good deal for the whole family, and I loved that I didn’t have to worry about it at all the month before. I must say that I’m really proud of guesstimating on the girls’ sizes 8 months out!

We went to a carnival at my mom’s school last Friday, then to our ward’s Trunk-or-Treat tonight. Both were so much fun! Tonight was the perfect amount of walking for the girls. They made one loop to all of the cars and then were joining me in the trunk to sit and look through (eat) their candy.

Photo  3

Note Lola eating a blue airhead in the pic above…she was SO happy! I just love her in that costume. She looks 10xs more huggable than normal, which is a lot. I had to sew an old headband of mine to Lola’s hat to keep it on. I am seriously amazed that it didn’t fall off (I am not a seamstress at all)!

I saw this Candy Hierarchy today and laughed so hard! Heck yes Snickers is on the top tier. Check out the bottom though: “anonymous brown globs that come in black and orange wrappers” HA! Those were always the first to get traded when I was a kid! So gross.

I also loved this article about why the heck girls decide to dress up so scandalous on Halloween. We need to stop it! I’ll never forget when I lived in Provo & had just broken up with a guy. My roommates and I went to a Halloween dance and I was dressed in this awesome 80s sweater dress (see below…yes, we went to WalMart and took roommate pics) that was totally modest. I see my ex, and he is dancing with a girl wearing pretty much underwear and some wings. Sexy fairy? Victoria’s Secret angel? I don’t know. He saw me and did the smile/head nod and I just shook my head at him. I thought, “Oh, so that’s what you wanted.”


It sucked in the moment as my hair was falling out of it’s giant 80s glamour and I was sweating buckets in my sweater dress at a dance, but looking back on it, I am so glad that I was dressed in a way that I would not be ashamed of later. You don’t have to dress sexy to look awesome and have a ton of FUN! I mean c’mon, who doesn’t want to party with a giant red Muno & furry Brobee?! I’m glad my momma taught me these things & I can look back on my costumes and not worry about my daughters seeing pictures of me in them! I hope they learn from me & I won’t have the arguments about one of them wanting to be a sexy nurse or something…ahhhh! Good thing that won’t be for a few years now :)

Photo  4Anyway, thoughts on this Halloween! Hope all of you had a great & safe one. What did you do? What did you dress up as?