Family Pictures with LK Photoshoots

We recently had our family pictures taken and I am SO happy with how they turned out! The weather did not want to cooperate, but we ended up some gorgeous shots thanks to LK Photoshoots!

LK Photoshoots - http:/

We were originally going to take these at the beach, but it was pouring rain there! So we tried some other locations and they worked out beautifully.

LK Photoshoots - http:/

I was so impressed with Kirsi’s vision and direction. She would take a handful of shots, then when the rain would start, she’d say, “Okay, let’s go over here!” Then we’d hop in the car and chase the sunshine! She was also a natural with Ada and Lola. They can be stand-offish with people they first meet but they warmed up to Kirsi really quickly!LK Photoshoots - http:/ girls adore their Papa!LK Photoshoots - http:/ and her girls :) LK Photoshoots - http:/ wanted 3 specific things from this session.

1. A new headshot – check!

2. A cute pic of my mom and the girls – check!

3. A great family photo – check!LK Photoshoots - http:/

If you need someone to take your family pictures, I highly recommend LK Photoshoots!

LK Photoshoots - http:/ Photoshoots - http:/

Elsa & Anna Frozen Photo Shoot

For Halloween this year, my girls are being Elsa & Anna from Frozen. I am sure we will be seeing lots of Frozen characters this year!

My friend from high school, Megan, is a talented photographer and took these beautiful pictures of Ada & Lola. She is doing Halloween mini-sessions for only $45! So worth it after all the time and effort put into costumes, plus Halloween night is always crazy anyway. My girls were stoked to wear their dresses before Halloween :) Check her work out & schedule a session at Meg McKenzie Photography!


My Nana and I found these costumes at Costco, we knew we had to buy them right then and there otherwise they’d be gone. Sure enough, I was there a week later and the whole rack was cleared!  I just love the little wigs on them! Ada’s kind of reminds me of George Washington…don’t tell her I said that ;)

IMG 9628

Thank you, Disney, for making a movie that stars two beautiful leading ladies!

IMG 9724

Queen Elsa of Arendelle!

IMG 9685

Sweet sisters :)

IMG 9664

Happy Halloween! What are you dressing up as?