Mullets, Missionaries, & Frozen

We had a lovely lunch date with Nana at Costco. These little girls love their Nana!! Ada was pretending to be soooo cold she was frozen.

IMG 5066

My Uncle Devin & I have a running joke where we give each other gag gifts for our birthdays. Last year I gave him a horse head, this year – a mullet!!! Bahaha I told him to wear it to church but he didn’t listen to me. Nana did NOT like it and wanted it off his head immediately. Mission accomplished :)

IMG 5150

Ice cream time with Nonnie!! We went to Doc Burnstien’s in Old Orcutt. I had a major lapse of judgment and let both of my girls get bubble gum ice cream in cones…what was I thinking?! They were happy, I was sticky & stressed ;) The Salted Caramel ice cream is soooooo good. Try it, you’ll like it!

IMG 5159

Two future missionaries! Ada’s Primary teacher is so sweet & always makes extra crafts for Lola. She’s so thoughtful :)

IMG 5164

When picking out Uncle Devin’s wig, we had fun trying on Bubble Gum & Ariel wigs! Ada kills me with her Ariel face.

IMG 5170

My dad bought me this shirt in England. It cracks me up. Yes, I love Dr. Pepper. No, I would not buy this for myself. Yes, I wear it a lot. Thanks Pops :)

IMG 5167

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Maverick “Mad Dog” Miller

IMG 3661

Maverick is growing up!

IMG 3609

Lola especially loves to snuggle him while he sleeps.

IMG 3640

She loves to say goodnight to him :)

IMG 3649

Those eyes!

IMG 3659

He loves to lick ears…Doing crunches was near impossible because I was laughing so hard! IMG 3675

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