Pop Culture

There have been a few things that have happened in Hollywood recently that I feel the need to give my two cents about.

#1: El Bachelor.

Juan Pablo (Jose Cuervo as my husband refers to him) is a complete chauvinist pig! His own FAMILY warned both girls to run away!! Red flags much?

IMG 1330

You are the bad guy. You never listened to any of the women when they talked to you – you just nodded and said, “Is okay, okay, shh…” You want your women quiet and submissive, just like Nikki was after the final rose ceremony. She barely said a thing, just sat there and looked pretty. Did he REALLY wink at her and say, “I like you. I like you a looooot.” as he gave her the final rose?! No no no!!! I hope that Nikki’s family is counseling her to run away and that she listens.

I’m also mad about Claire not holding him accountable for his nasty remarks to her. She just let him weasel his way back in with some fluff about meeting his family & didn’t even make him answer for it. Booooooo.

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Christmas 2013

Why hellooooo there! Happy New Year! Can I still say that on January 16th? I didn’t mean to take such a long break from blogging, but it was a much needed one. I worked hard in December and was a bit burnt out…the post-holiday migraine told me so. :)

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you did too! Here’s a recap.

We went to see Santa in SLO and Ada was so cute with him. He asked what she wanted and she said, “A pink scooter!” He said, “And what else?” She answered, “That’s all!”

IMG 1191

Lola was absolutely terrified of Santa. I was the heartless mother who wanted to get a picture of her screaming and send it into Ellen but my mom couldn’t bear seeing Lola in such distress! It was pretty sad. So I have a picture of sweet Nonnie rescuing Lola from the grips of creepy Santa.

IMG 1190

We enjoyed Christmas magic…Ada was having trouble falling asleep one night so I said she could come lay on the couch by me. I left all the twinkle lights on and I said, “It’s so magical with just the Christmas tree lights on.” and she said, “Yeah, it’s like Disneyland.” Then immediately fell asleep.

IMG 2920

I love these ornaments that the girls made at church! These will have a permanent spot on my tree forever.

IMG 2956

We had family time with Uncle Sean and Auntie Becca in town!

IMG 2980

Excited little girls going to bed on Christmas Eve!

IMG 2982

The tree before Santa and his elves went to bed! :)

IMG 2986

And my phone died after I took this picture. It was kind of a good thing because then I was focused on the girls during Christmas morning and not on taking pictures and videos. I put Matt in charge of that and he made this beautiful video. It’s titled the way Lola says Christmas :)

As I was excitedly wrapping all of the gifts that I’d bought and made for my family, I kept having this thought and shared it on Facebook: You know the excitement you feel as you watch someone open a gift that you’ve been waiting for them to open? The perfect gift that you know they’ll love and have been wanting? It’s the best! I keep thinking that this is how our Heavenly Father must feel as we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and allow his Atonement, the greatest gift of all, to wash us clean and make us whole. I hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones…Merry Christmas! :)


Currently our life is a bit crazy. We just finished running Napa Ragnar (recap on that once we get settled), and are now packing up to move! Moving is just insane. My sweet friend took Ada today so that we could get ahead on packing…it was awesome! Lola was so mellow and naptime was very peaceful :) Ada loved her one on one time with her buddy!

photo (4)

We found a house that we really want, so cross your fingers and toes for us! I submitted our applications today and I hope we get it. I’m the worst at waiting! I checked my email obsessively all day waiting to hear back.

This week will be full of packing & cleaning, then loading up the truck on Saturday. I actually talked to a lady today whose profession is helping people pack & unpack. She charges $49/hr. I wish she’d come pack my house for freeeeee!

Does anyone else watch Call The Midwife? I found it on Netflix and am hooked! The main nurse reminds me of my Grandma Pat.

Nurse Jenny Lee:jenny


And there are random thoughts floating around in my head today. What are you up to this week?