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My hair was getting pretty 90sā€¦bangs were so long that I had to keep curling them bigger and bigger!

IMG 8392

So I got a haircut :)

Before & after:

IMG 8408

I love it! Doesn’t take as long to dry and style.

Shaking it off to send pics to my sister:

IMG 8610

I applied to be a member of the Disney Parks Moms Panel for the first time this year! I was so honored to make it to Round 2 on my first shot among thousands of applicants.

IMG 8983

Here is the video I made for my application. They said “have fun” and I did! It worked out perfectly that we were at Disneyland!

So I got the email yesterday that I didn’t make it to Round 3 :( It was sad, but I also knew that I was competing with tons of Disney fanatics for one of only TWO spots for Disneyland. One of the current panelists lives in the UP House in Utah! So, yeah.

I went for a run to push the sadness away and get some endorphins flowing. 3 miles & felt better afterward.

IMG 9266

I signed up for the Holiday Sweat Challenge!! It starts on the 24th and goes through January. I did it because I felt gross after all of the Halloween candy and want some help with staying healthier through the holidays. I’m known to eat cookies for lunch if that’s what I’m baking, so I’m excited to have meal ideas, workout plans, and community to be accountable to. Matt’s going to do it with me too. You should join (click the pic below) and tell them I sent you! I get entered to win a prize if you do :)



Hope you’re doing well! What’s new with you?

My Hair Doesn’t Hold Curl, But This Worked!

I thought I’d share this easy way to curl your hair! I got this from an email that Pure Wow sent out. Here’s the video showing you the technique:

My girls thought I looked hilarious :) I left it in for about 20 minutes and hair sprayed it while it was up in the hair band.

It worked!! When I curl my hair with a curling iron, it falls out in a matter of hours.

This is how it looked after I pulled it out of the hair band:

And this was after I’d brushed through it, hair sprayed it, and been out and about for 3 hours.

It’s a soft wave that gives your hair some body. Pretty amazing for my hair!

Selfies are awkward…and I tried smiling without my teeth for all of ’em. Weird.

Let me know if you’ve tried this and if it works for your hair!