Les Mills The Project – Immersive Fitness

I’ve heard of Les Mills workouts before, but this is something totally new! The Project is Immersive Fitness, using screens in a special studio surrounding you to make you feel like you are in a movie!! An instructor leads you through movements to combat and outrun the bad guys :) Here’s a teaser video:

Doesn’t that look fun? Would you take these classes if they were offered at your gym?

I love taking group classes. This would be such a blast! It kind of reminds me of those bike or treadmill programs that make you feel like you’re outside instead of in a gym.

I hope that The Project Immersive Fitness comes to my little town! There are plans for a 2015 tour that will have pop-up workout centers for all to try the latest and greatest in group fitness!

Check out The Project on Instagram & follow here: http://instagram.com/thepr0ject

The next level of fitness is here. IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ surrounds participants with cinema quality video content projected onto screens of a purpose-built studio.  Exercise moves synchronize perfectly with music and graphics, creating a truly immersive fitness experience. Learn more!

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Jaybird Headphones Giveaway!

Jaybird headphones fix a huge problem I have. While running, I usually end up having issues with my cord. Mostly while running with the stroller. I get too far behind it and it tugs me, or I have to reach under into the basket to grab snacks, take trash out of little hands, or 100 other things that inevitably happen while pushing two children in a double jogging stroller.

What I usually do is wrap the cord around the strap of my sports bra twice to avoid the thump-thump of the control, then put it down my sleeve and plug it into my phone.

Ada even asked me on my last run, “Why are you putting the cord in your shirt?”

There’s nothing worse during a run than a floppy wire bouncing around. It bugs me the most when it gets twisted and starts brushing my cheeks. Ah!

Seriously, how many times have you accidentally hit your cord and yanked an earbud out?

Or seen someone’s walkman, discman, iPod, or iPhone go flying off the treadmill?!  (I’m not going to lie, that always makes me giggle a bit) :)

Enter Jaybird!


They have made state of the art headphones that connect by bluetooth to your phone. Genius!

Jaybird is hosting a giveaway to win a pair of their innovative headphones! There will be a winner every day! Click the box on the right, below, to enter…and come back every day to enter. Tell your friends too! 

BlueBuds X  Storm White  Packaging 0x600

The cord connects the two earbuds behind your head, getting the cord off of your neck. The rechargeable battery lasts 8 hours, meaning you could work out for an hour every day of the week without having to charge the battery in-between. You can control your music and answer calls with the mic/remote. The ear buds stay in place no matter what exercise you’re doing…sweat-proof so they don’t budge. They even have a lifetime guarantee against sweat. Pretty intense!

I see myself wearing these while doing housework, working out, running, walking and hiking! If I still had a bike (hope you’re enjoying it or the money you made off it thief), I’d wear them while riding it too. Basically I’d be like those people that keep their bluetooth on their ears all day, even when they’re not talking on the phone.

I love this video. I went stand up paddling once in Santa Cruz and loved it! My sister, cousins, and I tried to go at Port San Luis in May, but it was too windy so they closed up for the day. That was such a bummer! I really want to get out there again. I’d love to do it with these earbuds in so that the paddle wouldn’t get tangled in a cord!

JAYBIRD // Get Outside – Caroline Gleich from JayBird on Vimeo.

Remember, there is a winner drawn every day – so your chances are really good!  You can enter the giveaway every day.

Let me know if you win, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.