Mullets, Missionaries, & Frozen

We had a lovely lunch date with Nana at Costco. These little girls love their Nana!! Ada was pretending to be soooo cold she was frozen.

IMG 5066

My Uncle Devin & I have a running joke where we give each other gag gifts for our birthdays. Last year I gave him a horse head, this year – a mullet!!! Bahaha I told him to wear it to church but he didn’t listen to me. Nana did NOT like it and wanted it off his head immediately. Mission accomplished :)

IMG 5150

Ice cream time with Nonnie!! We went to Doc Burnstien’s in Old Orcutt. I had a major lapse of judgment and let both of my girls get bubble gum ice cream in cones…what was I thinking?! They were happy, I was sticky & stressed ;) The Salted Caramel ice cream is soooooo good. Try it, you’ll like it!

IMG 5159

Two future missionaries! Ada’s Primary teacher is so sweet & always makes extra crafts for Lola. She’s so thoughtful :)

IMG 5164

When picking out Uncle Devin’s wig, we had fun trying on Bubble Gum & Ariel wigs! Ada kills me with her Ariel face.

IMG 5170

My dad bought me this shirt in England. It cracks me up. Yes, I love Dr. Pepper. No, I would not buy this for myself. Yes, I wear it a lot. Thanks Pops :)

IMG 5167

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Sisters, Friends, & Ballet

My mom is the best. She had the girls over for a sleepover and they were in heaven! When I dropped them off, I got these adorable pics of the girls. Sisters can make you laugh like nobody else!! 

IMG 3145

Matt and I went for a run along the beach and pier in Pismo, then had our favorite clam chowder at Splash Cafe. It’s so nice to go out to eat and not be interrupted :) 

IMG 3155

We came home and put the girls’ mosquito nets (just for looks – not really to protect them from bugs) and chandeliers up over their beds. When they saw them the next day, they were SO happy!

IMG 3163

Ada took a ballet class through Parks & Rec with my best friend’s daughter. It was so fun to see them all dressed up and all of the little girls running around in tutus. 

IMG 3192

She loved it :)

IMG 3209

Ava & Ada, taking ballet classes together just like their mommies did!

IMG 3532

My girls in their shades at Costco after a class.

IMG 3520

On the last day of class with a bow in her hair from Minnie’s playset and dress-up slippers because I could only find one of her ballet slippers. She didn’t mind one bit :)

IMG 3735

Next time, I won’t go through Parks & Rec. It was fine for a first time class, but she didn’t learn much. I think we’ll do Allan Hancock like I did growing up!  

Early December Happenings

Lola just being cute after church in a sweater dress.

IMG 2698

When Matt pulled down my mom’s Christmas decorations, he found my old Emerald Elegance Barbie from 1995! I still had it in the box because I heard as a kid that they’d be worth something later on. On eBay they were only going for $30 so I let my excited daughter play with it instead :)

IMG 2704

Ada helped me decorate the tree and I haven’t moved a single ornament. It’s just too cute how they’re all clustered together!

IMG 2710

Most days, Lola wakes up from her nap happy. Some days she just needs extra snuggles & “touch cheek” time.

IMG 2724

Matt put lights on our house! The first time ever!! So exciting, I love having them on every night. He looks like a raccoon with his eyes glowing in this pic.

IMG 2727

On Ada’s birthday, I made crêpes for breakfast and put sprinkles in them. She was on cloud 9 and Lola insisted it was her birthday too :)

IMG 2733

Lola + Nutella crêpe = monster!

IMG 2737

That night I made our advent calendar activity to go out to frozen yogurt as a family since it was Ada’s 4th birthday!

IMG 2742

Ada wrote her first letter to Santa! Well, started to. She started to cry when her R didn’t turn out right. Then got really upset when the letter T went into the letter N. I kept telling her that her letters were beautiful and for a barely 4-year-old, she was doing a fabulous job! She insisted that I write the rest of the letter for her. After that, she wrote on the envelope and wrote POLE all by herself (with us spelling it aloud)!

IMG 2762

I just love all of our cards coming in the mail! Makes me so happy to watch the holder fill up and hear about all of your families!

IMG 2801

In love with our mantel, fireplace, and stockings. Merry & bright!

IMG 2829

Ada got a birthday treat from Bishop on Sunday and he gave Lola one too :) Cuties in their Sunday best!

IMG 2824

Lola while watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. She said, “Cozy.” Wasn’t Elder Nelson’s talk awesome?! I was in tears with the children singing.

IMG 2827

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!

Paparazzi & Deals

Yesterday I felt famous. Lola insisted on taking pictures of me as I worked out. It’s a rough life!

IMG 2422

We went to Matt’s parents’ house for FHE last night and Lola appeared with this wig on!

IMG 2441

Tonight we tried to go to the new movie theater at the mall. It was $2 movie tickets and the entire city had the same idea we did! 10 min. before the show wasn’t early enough to get there, they were already sold out. So we walked around the mall and the girls handled it really well. 

They loved the pet shop & were cracking up at the mice running in a wheel.

IMG 2448

Then to Bath & Body Works where Lola just made herself right at home!

Notice how she put her hat on inside out…and she has flip flops on with a giant coat & hat! Definitely a California girl. 

IMG 2449

So I mentioned that we’ve been looking for area rugs. Tonight, I went to Target and found one that I love! It’s a 7 ft. x 10 ft. brown shag and looks perfect in our living room. I’ll post a pic when I get a good one of it. Anyway, I got the best deal on it! It was originally $200. They had a sign that said 15% off special sale on area rugs. In addition to that, I had a 15% off Cartwheel coupon. Then I had a printed coupon for $5 off a home purchase. Then my REDCard gave me another 5% off!!!!! After all of that, it ended up being $139!!!! The checker said I was the winner of savings that day and  totally gave me a high five! I smiled all the way home after loading that beauty in my car by myself.  

What’s the best deal you’ve ever scored?

What is your favorite candy? – Lola is eating M&Ms & Jelly Bellies in that picture, she would pick out the jelly beans and give them to Matt. Chocolate went into her mouth. Definitely my daughter :) 

Le Weekender

Saturday morning, Matt & I dropped the girls off with my mom and went for a run on Orcutt Hill.

At the top! Nice & sweaty.

IMG 2361

I won a Jetflow Hydration pack from Hungry Runner Girl. Thanks Jenae! It is awesome! You put a water bottle in it (or soda, Gatorade, etc.) so there isn’t a rubber part to wash out.

Plus a storage area for fuel, phone, keys. I love it!

IMG 2373

We started running off the marked trail and found this welcoming sign:

IMG 2372


Matt requested French Onion Soup for his birthday dinner, so I happily (tearfully while slicing the onions) made it! Mmm…

IMG 2374IMG 2377

Topped with toasted Trader Joe’s Country Bread & Gruyere cheese:

IMG 2392

Ada asking for more cake please :)

IMG 2380

Sweet sisters before bedtime!

IMG 2382

My sister subbed in Nursery for my aunt today (have I mentioned how much I LOVE being near my family again?!)

When I went to pick Lola up, she was snuggled in Auntie’s lap reading a story! They didn’t even notice me taking pictures :)

IMG 2391

My mom made the best pasta for dinner! She made it up after having a similar dish at Pascucci in Santa Barbara. So good!!

IMG 2393

How was your weekend?

What’s your favorite kind of soup?

Matt’s Birthday & Polka Dots

This morning we went walking and to the park with our friends,  but I didn’t take any pictures! I was bad with pictures today. My neck has been bothering me, so that’s my excuse.

Tonight the girls were extra snuggly with me as we got ready for bed. Lola was also extra cheeky…her faces kill me!

IMG 2358

Poor Matt was gone all day on his birthday. I felt bad for him & made him a little cake. 

IMG 2329

I made up the recipe and it was yummy right out of the oven, but on subsequent days it was spongey and a lil tough. So I ate the frosting which was most delicious then threw the cake away. 

Tonight we went to Japanese with the family and celebrated with a real cake! Madonna Inn chocolate cake…mmm! They sell them at Spencer’s now, so convenient. 

Lola and her spaghetti sauce selfie. Love that face!

IMG 2321

We saw our friends at Costco and their daughter was born just a couple weeks after Ada. They are so cute together! They were laughing a chatting up a storm.

IMG 2340

Ada has been loving dressing herself and polka dots lately! 

IMG 2328

What are your plans for the weekend?

Did you enter the giveaway?

Perfect Timing & Progress

Recovering from being sick is crazy. I always think, “Yay! Glad that’s done and over with. Now to do everything I didn’t do while I was sick.” Commence cleaning, doing dishes, folding clothes, then the shutdown. I was trying to catch up on everything Monday but I was so tired! I got a text from my mom in the morning right as I was about to make “TOAS and EGG” for Lola that said, “Come over if you or the girls want pumpkin waffles!” Um, yes please and thank you! I literally had the first egg in my hand, ready to crack. Perfect timing! I got us all dressed and we walked over to Nonnie’s house for some delicious waffles. It felt so good to get outside and move…all I did was sleep and lay around for two days while sick – yuck. 

IMG 2249

My mom graciously watched the girls while I went home to shower and get ready. Amazing how nice it feels to clean the shower & get ready without any interruptions!

I even hung this mirror over the rosebush from hell: 

IMG 2253

It’s a temporary fix, but it’ll do until I can paint over it. I’ve been thinking a lot about chalk painting the cupboards, pantry doors, and this door…who has done it? 

Oh how I love Lola’s chubby little hands on my cheeks! She is so snuggly when she wakes up & rests her cheek on my face :)

IMG 2252

Today Ada helped me hang a mirror over the fireplace. Progress, people! Almost out of boxes…almost.

That little hammer was mine when I was Ada’s age! I literally remember carrying it around as a 3-year-old on the deck my dad built in Smyrna, Tennessee. 

IMG 2259

I made some chicken & salad for dinner that I’ll be sharing on here soon! Already looking forward to leftovers for lunch :)  

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Are you a DIY-er or pay someone to do it type of person?

Hijacked Phone, Breakiss, and Other Things

IMG 2145

While Lola naps, Ada and I work on letters, writing, coloring, and other fun (quiet) things.

She loves the one-on-one time and so do I.

IMG 2222

We went to Panera for dinner the other night. I got their BBQ Chicken Salad (not as good as CPK) and French Onion Soup. They didn’t put the yummy croutons in though!

IMG 2155

Ada and I made the same funny face without planning it…related much?

IMG 2223

Lola hijacked my phone and I had to delete 30 pictures that looked exactly like this!

IMG 2196

And 10 like this! Sneaky spy documenting me eat!

IMG 2205

Lola wakes me up in the morning with her request for breakfast. Yesterday was, “Hi Mommy. Hungee. Graaaape! Breakiss!!!”

She was very happy with her choice of crepes for breakfast. Sometimes it’s eggs and toast, sometimes it’s cereal…a girl after her mom’s heart :)

IMG 2232

I made Ada take a nap yesterday because she was so crabby. I love how she looks when she sleeps!

IMG 2234

My mom, sister, and I went to a shop for their open house kicking off the holiday season. It was fun! We went out to Mexican food after.

IMG 2238IMG 2239

Then I came home & threw up all of my dinner. Yuck. Rough night & still feeling icky but think the worst is over. My mom bought me some Saltines & ginger ale that have helped.

The stomach flu is going around like crazy right now. So far nobody else has caught it from me, I’m worried about my mom and sister though because they each had a sip of my virgin strawberry daiquiri last night : / It’s been hard not to kiss my babies!

How’s your weekend going?

What’s your favorite thing at Panera? – Turkey Bravo & French Onion Soup