Sunday Funday

Happy One Extra Hour of Sleep Day! 

I laid in bed forever last night, it messes with my mind that I get an extra hour of sleep! 

The girls were up at 7 AM and were totally thrown off at how long it took to get to church once they’d eaten breakfast and put their clothes on. 

I was called as a Primary teacher last week and taught my little cuties for the first time today. I had three of them in Nursery when I was pregnant with Ada! I was telling them that today and they said, “We remember you!” It was cute :)

I love hearing about Ada’s time in Primary when we get home.

IMG 2085

She was telling me a gripping story about how Emma was touching Evelyn’s braid, but BE CAREFUL! The braid could BREAK OFF! 3 and 4-year-olds are hilarious. 

We all napped and it was glorious. Lola likes to wake me up like this:

IMG 2095

She has a thing about hands on cheeks. It’s the sweetest. 

My mom made a delicious dinner of pot roast, carrots, potatoes, and green beans! Perfect fall dinner.

IMG 2096

Now home for brushing teeth, stories, prayers, and bedtime. I hope the girls aren’t up too early tomorrow morning…time changes are always interesting. I feel like they do better in the fall when we gain an hour, but we’ll see!

IMG 2097

What is your favorite fall meal?

How do your children handle the time change? 

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