Sisters, Friends, & Ballet

My mom is the best. She had the girls over for a sleepover and they were in heaven! When I dropped them off, I got these adorable pics of the girls. Sisters can make you laugh like nobody else!! 

IMG 3145

Matt and I went for a run along the beach and pier in Pismo, then had our favorite clam chowder at Splash Cafe. It’s so nice to go out to eat and not be interrupted :) 

IMG 3155

We came home and put the girls’ mosquito nets (just for looks – not really to protect them from bugs) and chandeliers up over their beds. When they saw them the next day, they were SO happy!

IMG 3163

Ada took a ballet class through Parks & Rec with my best friend’s daughter. It was so fun to see them all dressed up and all of the little girls running around in tutus. 

IMG 3192

She loved it :)

IMG 3209

Ava & Ada, taking ballet classes together just like their mommies did!

IMG 3532

My girls in their shades at Costco after a class.

IMG 3520

On the last day of class with a bow in her hair from Minnie’s playset and dress-up slippers because I could only find one of her ballet slippers. She didn’t mind one bit :)

IMG 3735

Next time, I won’t go through Parks & Rec. It was fine for a first time class, but she didn’t learn much. I think we’ll do Allan Hancock like I did growing up!  

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