Maverick “Mad Dog” Miller

IMG 3661

Maverick is growing up!

IMG 3609

Lola especially loves to snuggle him while he sleeps.

IMG 3640

She loves to say goodnight to him :)

IMG 3649

Those eyes!

IMG 3659

He loves to lick ears…Doing crunches was near impossible because I was laughing so hard! IMG 3675

When he’s tired of the girls harassing him, he’ll go into my bathroom and fall asleep on the bath mat.

IMG 3691

Lola asked me, “Where mine puppy?” When she found him, this happened :

IMG 3729

He LOVES to sleep under kitchen chairs with his head resting on a rung. It makes him snore and it’s so funny!

IMG 3764

Loves riding in-between his gals.

IMG 3809

Once again with the ear licking :)

IMG 3810

Loves to say, “Wake up momma!”

IMG 4147

Took him running and had to drop him off after half a mile. He is getting better on the leash!

IMG 4149

One night, he fell asleep in my hand! Ha!

IMG 4168

Lola snuggling with the napping pup :)

IMG 4200

He really pulls his weight around here, helping with dishes even.

IMG 4297

Making sure the tire is sound.

IMG 4325

Making sure the suitcase is sturdy.

IMG 4528

Making sure the girls’ beds are safe.

IMG 4524

And the couch is soft enough.

IMG 4438

We love our pup! He’s been training well and knows sit, lay down, roll over, shake, stay, down, lay on your bed, go inside, no bites, no, and heel.

He’s energetic and gets so excited to see new people but calms down after a while of petting and saying hello. He only has pee accidents if we haven’t let him out enough. We did have to take away our area rug because he wanted to use it to pee on. I’m hoping we can re-introduce it once he’s older…we’ll see.


  1. What a sweetie pup! So adorable and these pictures are priceless! Your girls are so sweet!! I loved growing up with my puppies…such fun memories :) <3 It'll be fun to see the adventures your kiddos will have with him!

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