Matt’s Birthday & Polka Dots

This morning we went walking and to the park with our friends,  but I didn’t take any pictures! I was bad with pictures today. My neck has been bothering me, so that’s my excuse.

Tonight the girls were extra snuggly with me as we got ready for bed. Lola was also extra cheeky…her faces kill me!

IMG 2358

Poor Matt was gone all day on his birthday. I felt bad for him & made him a little cake. 

IMG 2329

I made up the recipe and it was yummy right out of the oven, but on subsequent days it was spongey and a lil tough. So I ate the frosting which was most delicious then threw the cake away. 

Tonight we went to Japanese with the family and celebrated with a real cake! Madonna Inn chocolate cake…mmm! They sell them at Spencer’s now, so convenient. 

Lola and her spaghetti sauce selfie. Love that face!

IMG 2321

We saw our friends at Costco and their daughter was born just a couple weeks after Ada. They are so cute together! They were laughing a chatting up a storm.

IMG 2340

Ada has been loving dressing herself and polka dots lately! 

IMG 2328

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