Manic Monday

So Ada was up until 10:40 PM last night. No fun. Lola went down just fine. Tonight, Ada was much better! I like easy bedtimes. 

I woke up this morning with a sore jaw. I couldn’t figure out what had happened, so when I looked in the mirror, I saw a bruise! Ada must’ve whacked me in her sleep! She’s a violent tosser & turner. Watch out for those long arms! 

The girls being kitty cats earlier. “Meow, meow!”

IMG 2101

Our new house has laminate throughout, so I’ve been searching for area rugs. So far IKEA seems to be the best quality for the price.

Does anyone know of any other places with large area rugs for cheap?

We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. I was going to make chili, but the day got away from me so we picked up Chipotle instead and they were happy! 

Do you ever have days like that? You start doing the things on your to-do list, checking your e-mails, responding, organizing things, touching base with people, (on top of making breakfast, lunch, playing games, making snacks, coloring, etc.) then you look and it’s suddenly 2 PM and you’re still in your pajamas?! It happens to me more often than I care to admit ;)

Ada was being a Foofa robot. When did she get so big?! 

IMG 2115

Everybody is already asleep in my house, so I am going to eat my frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and watch the latest Downton Abbey episode :) Goodnight everyone! Hope you had a good Monday.

Any other Downton fans? Are you watching Season 4 along with me & Europe?

Frozen candy: yea or nay?


  1. I actually think the quality of rugs (or the feel at least) at Home Depot is better for the price than Ikea, and they seem to have them on clearance pretty frequently. But Ikea has cuter ones =)

  2. I am not watching Season 4 yet, I can’t wait though! How are you watching it so early!? And I agree Home Depot has some great area rugs with good sales a lot of the time. I haven’t ended up purchasing one though. We got one of our big rugs from Marshall’s in AG!

    • Oh my gosh, Becky…it is SO GOOD!! I watch it here:
      I’ve been checking TJ Maxx & Marshalls – maybe I’ll find something good too!

  3. Carly Delise says:

    Rugs USA and Zulilly. Zulilly has them often, but not all the time, one of those things you have to look for. Not sure your price point, but I think they are reasonably priced.

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