How to Become a Contestant on Wheel of Fortune

My whole life I have wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune! I grew up watching it with my family and solving puzzles. I still want to be Vanna White when I grow up…

Last summer, I got to realize that dream and be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune! My episode aired on Thanksgiving Day 2017. Look at that smile below, I was SO EXCITED to be on set!!

I’m sharing my tips for becoming a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. This is what worked for me, and I hope it works for you! Please share if you have tried out and what path you took, or if you are currently in the process – good luck!

Wheel of Fortune - Kara in the Kitchen

How to Become a Contestant on Wheel of Fortune

Go to a Wheelmobile event!

Instead of sending in a video on the website, go to a Wheelmobile event. The Wheel of Fortune Wheelmobile travels all across the United States looking for their next contestants which could be YOU! They will be able to see you in person, take your photo, and I think you have a way better chance of getting through to the TV show. You have multiple chances throughout the day to have your name drawn out of the drum so that you can get on stage. It is such a rush to have your name called and to go play on stage! It goes by quickly, so have fun and give it your all!

Don’t give up!

I tried out at TWO Wheelmobile events before I made it through to the TV show. On my first try out, I made it to the hotel round where I hardly got called on at all. Don’t give up! Keep trying out. You never know what they are looking for! My second hotel round I was called on more. Also, you will be calmer your second time around because you’ve been through it all before.


Download the Wheel of Fortune game on your phone and play it. Watch the TV show every night or old episodes on YouTube. Do crossword puzzles. Become a puzzle-solving wizard! It will help you be sharp and ready to grab those Toss Ups and solve them!

Just DO IT!

I had the worst sinus infection on the day of my tryout at the hotel. I took some DayQuil and went anyway. There was no way I was going to miss out on this opportunity! Pretty sure I was extra loud because I was all congested and had no idea what my voice’s volume was when I shouted my answers! Maybe that was the secret, but I do not suggest getting a sinus infection :) They all kept saying, “Good, nice and loud!” Which leads me to my next tip:

Be loud!

I cannot tell you how many times they tell you this! And how many times people would mumble! You need to project and enunciate your letters clearly. On set, they are constantly yelling and getting the energy up so that people are excited and loud. Even then, Pat has to ask sometimes what people said. Speak up, be heard, and WIN!

Wheel of Fortune - Kara in the Kitchen

(Thank you, Natalie, for taking this picture!)

I ended up coming home with $4,000 which is thanks to the Toss Ups I won! The wheel was not kind to me, and even Pat mentioned how I’d be fine without it. When he did the final spin, even he landed on Bankrupt (in my spot). That part was cut from the show. I am so grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime experience I had to be on Wheel of Fortune! Do you have any other tips for getting on the show? Best of luck to any of you wheel watchers who try out.

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