The Greatest Showman Movie Review

Hollywood, keep the musical movies coming!

Matt and I love musicals. We adored La La Land and left the movie theater dancing and singing, playing the soundtrack the minute we got home. When we went with my mom to see The Greatest Showman the other night, we were so excited to see what the writers from La La Land came up with.

Spoilers below! Stop here if you don’t want parts of the movie revealed.

The Greatest Showman Movie Review -

From the moment the movie began, I was bouncing in my chair. The rhythm hits and you are so taken with what is coming next! Going into the movie, I was prepared to be entertained. And entertained I was. Hugh Jackman is amazing (what can’t he do?)! What I wasn’t prepared for was the heart this movie had! The themes of making something of yourself, providing for a family, including people of all types, class & racial divides, perseverance, and balancing success and family tug at your heart strings. I was smiling and dancing one minute, then welling up with tears the next.

The Greatest Showman Movie Review -

A clean movie in Hollywood!

I was so pleased with how clean the movie was, too! It has a PG rating. There is drinking shown but no drunkenness, some angry mob scenes, major cleavage by the bearded lady (she can SING!), and the word “damn” in one song. I will be taking my eight and six-year-old daughters to see it because they are huge Zendaya fans and are already loving the songs. They’ve been on repeat around the house since we saw the movie! I am so glad that there was a movie made with no sex scenes, swearing, or graphic violence. It was so much fun to watch and exactly what you want out of a trip to the movies! The whole theater applauded at the end.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is:

Always love seeing the Central Coast’s claim-to-fame celeb Zac Efron succeeding! And I had no idea that Michelle Williams could dance like that. Just go see it, you will have so much fun! If you already have, what did you think?

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