GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for GoodNites* TRU-FIT*. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Have you heard of GoodNites* TRU-FIT* underwear before? If you have a child that is either potty training or has troubles with wetting the bed at night (or both), you need to know about these babies. Sold at Walmart, they look and feel like real underwear! They have a clever little pocket inside that you can place a removable, absorbent, lining inside of.

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Children should not be embarrassed or scared to participate in activities because of their bedwetting. One out of six children ages 4-12 wets the bed! As a child, my poor husband was petrified of spending the night at his friends’ houses about something he had no control over. Children cannot be trained out of bedwetting. They will eventually grow out of it with time. Having an open discussion about bedwetting with your children is extremely important. They need to know that it’s normal, and not to be ashamed when it does happen! We take our girls to the potty at midnight, before we go to bed, and then we don’t have to worry about doing laundry in the middle of the night :)

I love that GoodNites* TRU-FIT* look like real underwear! They have cute patterns (for girls) that are washable and can be folded right next to their normal daytime undies. This will help children feel confident and not worry about being bullied or made fun of because they are wearing something that looks like a diaper. GoodNites* TRU-FIT* underwear have fully-sealed seams along with six layer advanced absorbent protection to keep your children and their bedding dry all throughout the night!

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