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What is fitmob you ask?

Let me share!

– trainer-led group workouts in various neighborhoods in the Bay Area

– workouts vary from dance, yoga, cardio, and strength training

– you pay weekly to workout and are never penalized for inactivity

– the more you work out, the less you pay each week

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fitmob is now offering MobTribes!

A MobTribe is a group of 2-6 people that get the benefit of a personal trainer without the expensive price tag (it’s $34 per session – but if you invite friends, you all only pay $29).

MobTribes receive nutrition coaching, personal attention, off day workouts, & training.

The Tribe trains together 2 times a week in a six week program focused on getting results!

If you would like to join, go here:

Choose a location, time, day, and fitness level.

fitmob will then match you up with a Tribe (or you can make one with your own friends). Your trainer will then email you with info to get you ready for your first session!

Doesn’t that sound fun? I love working out with friends. I always push myself harder when I know I’m being held accountable.


fitmob is hosting the giveaway below for a $25 Athleta gift card! Good luck – they have the cutest workout apparel :)

If you enter the giveaway, you may be contacted by fitmob by email.
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  1. FitMob sounds like such a great idea! Love Athleta’s cute stuff!

  2. This is so cool, I wish it were closer to home though!

  3. ellen casper says:

    I love group workouts.

  4. I love working out as a group for some activities like strength training , but alone for others :)

  5. I typically workout alone unless I can find a fun Zumba class or something but we don’t currently have any in our area. I enjoy getting outside and using that time as my “thinking” time. And one reason I work out alone is I don’t have any cute workout clothes! ;)

  6. I totally prefer to workout alone. I prefer to keep my ‘workout ugly’ to myself! :)

  7. Sarah Root says:

    I would much rather workout alone :). I love my thinking time when I can be inside my head with my music blaring. I LOVE Athleta! My wish list for them is way bigger than my pocket book though :).

  8. I like running by myself and workout classes. I get to the gym and am clueless on what I should do, so having someone instruct me is helpful.

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