Currently our life is a bit crazy. We just finished running Napa Ragnar (recap on that once we get settled), and are now packing up to move! Moving is just insane. My sweet friend took Ada today so that we could get ahead on packing…it was awesome! Lola was so mellow and naptime was very peaceful :) Ada loved her one on one time with her buddy!

photo (4)

We found a house that we really want, so cross your fingers and toes for us! I submitted our applications today and I hope we get it. I’m the worst at waiting! I checked my email obsessively all day waiting to hear back.

This week will be full of packing & cleaning, then loading up the truck on Saturday. I actually talked to a lady today whose profession is helping people pack & unpack. She charges $49/hr. I wish she’d come pack my house for freeeeee!

Does anyone else watch Call The Midwife? I found it on Netflix and am hooked! The main nurse reminds me of my Grandma Pat.

Nurse Jenny Lee:jenny


And there are random thoughts floating around in my head today. What are you up to this week?

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