Shhh…It’s Church!

Lola has figured out how to climb on the storage container in the backyard and harass me from the kitchen window :)

IMG 2124

While I was making breakfast, Ada was sitting on the couch singing. I snuck up on her and captured this gem:

Then we went to the park and talked and played with friends. I love that my girls & I both have so many good friends here!

I decided to run the 2.6 miles there, knowing that I’d have to run the 2.6 back even though I didn’t want to! It was so hot today (80 degrees) and I felt it on those uphills home!

On the way there I averaged 10:27/mi. while pushing a double stroller! Yeah! The way back – 14:11. Woof! I ran the sunny spots and walked the shady parts.

There was loose gravel flying up from construction…I’m glad we didn’t get hit with any! And thanks to the man in the red van cheering me on up the hill by Pacific Christian – you made my day!

IMG 2131

The stroller felt SO heavy and one point on the way home and I looked down to see if the brake was on. Nope, just Lola pushing her leg on the tire, dirtying up her leggings in the process. Thanks for the extra calories burned, love :)

Hot day, have to make sure and stay hydrated!

IMG 2128

Did you work out today?

What’s your favorite hymn? I can’t decide between Praise to the Man or The Spirit of God.