Auntie Linds Visits & Other Fun Things

I took this picture of Ada for Joyschool. She wanted her sweater with the flower, all buttoned up. And her heart necklace, princess bracelet, and sparkly red headband. I love the way she accessorizes :)


Matt & I went for a run by the Elks’ Rodeo grounds. I love the rodeo! Can’t wait for it in June.


Matt went for a run with a friend and came home to Mav sitting on top of him. I think he missed him just a little bit!


Poor Lola doesn’t get a nap on Sundays because we go from 11:30-2:30 this year. I was looking for her after church and found her like this on the couch!


She’s a fearless little scooter rider…I was going to take a picture of her and she suddenly veered to the left while I took it! She went straight off the curb and crossed the street to where Papa and Ada were. That’s my girl :)


We went wedding dress shopping with Auntie Linds & the girls had a blast trying on veils. Lola busted out the Chris Farley face and I think this picture needs to go out with her wedding invites one day! haha

IMG_5255Auntie brought prezzies! Our dad used to do this to us when he brought presents home from a trip. “Close your eyes & hold out your hands!”


She & Loren took a trip to New Orleans and got the girls the cutest masks! My brother Sean said, “Michael Jackson children!” haha All they need is scarves.


Holding Lola & she tooted right as I took the picture! Look at that cheeky little face.

IMG_5239Maverick knows to follow Lola around when she has snacks…she’s sure to drop some!

IMG 5373

Curious George & popcorn. Simple things in life :)

IMG 5325

We had a little rain so did our play date in the Cultural Hall at church. Fun with little friends!

IMG 5312

Maverick’s favorite place to sleep is right here:

IMG 5317

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