About Kara

Hi! I’m Kara. This blog is named Kara in the Kitchen because I can often be found there cooking and baking for my loved ones. I’m not always in the kitchen though; I love to travel, run, & spend time with my family. So sometimes you’ll see Kara in Paris, Kara in the Gym, or Kara in Pajamas. :)

I have a handsome husband, Matt, (read our love story here) and three beautiful daughters, Ada, Lola, and June.

I am always looking for easy, delicious recipes to make and share. In my family, good memories are tied to food. I remember sneaking licks of frosting off of the chocolate cake my mom made for my 5th birthday. I have been making chocolate chip cookies in my mom’s kitchen ever since I can remember! My Nana always lets the birthday person choose what meal they want for their celebration dinner. Holidays are always packed with traditions, delicious food, games, and lots of family.

Whether you’re cooking in a tiny cottage with a mini-oven, in a galley-style kitchen, or in a brick-printed linoleum kitchen with an electric stove (all kitchens of mine)…you can make wonderful food for you and the ones you love! Join me in making more memories with my little family as I fill their bellies!

Contact me: karainthekitchen (at) gmail (dot) com

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