10 Years of Marriage!

I was looking through my memories on Facebook and thought it would be fun to share our anniversaries throughout the last decade!

10 Years – Hitching Post in Casmalia with baby June along for the ride:109 Years – Carmel, CA with Maverick:98 Years – Matt was in New York for training so he sent these:8

This was the night he came home…I had to pinch him to make sure he was real! 8

7 Years – On top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (I still need to post about that trip!):7

6 Years – Sacramento, CA: Can you tell I was excited for that Red Velvet Cheesecake?! :D6

5 Years – I can’t find the pic, I know I took some! Pregnant with Lola and we went and watched a movie on an old ferry boat named the Eureka in San Francisco, CA

4 Years – After seeing Beatles LOVE in Las Vegas, NV:4

3 Years – no pic this year :( I was pregnant with Ada and we went and got massages & ate at Pascucci in Santa Barbara, CA

2 Years – French Festival with the Parkers in Santa Barbara, CA:2

1 Year – Princeville, Kauai…we lived on Kauai that summer, look at how tan I was!! 1

Wedding Day – Los Angeles Temple, CA!

Wedding Day

I feel like we just got married but here we are a decade later with a beautiful life and too many inside jokes to count! Love being married to my best friend :)

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