My Because Moment with Massage Envy

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I absolutely LOVE massages. I would get one every single day if I could! I feel like a better wife, mother, and human being when I get massages regularly. I carry so much of my stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. I will catch myself cleaning or cooking and realize my shoulders are hunched up almost to my ears! Then I remember that I need to roll them back and breathe. Massage Envy believes in Total Body Care, which is stopping all of the doing and working and pausing to reset your body. I can get behind that!

My first massage ever was outside in paradise! We were visiting our friends in Kauai and were lounging by a pool on the beach. There was a cute little palm frond hut with a massage table under it. I saw a massage therapist working on someone then they seemed to float away in their white fluffy robe. I went up and asked him if he was giving away massage samples (ha!) and he said, “Sure! It’ll be good advertisement to have you up here!” (I was 15…looking back on this encounter now, it does seem a bit creepy. Ah, youth & naïveté.) So I get this amazing free hour-long massage on the beach and was hooked for life! He told me that I was left-handed, that I use a computer mouse (AIM anyone?!), and that I’d been pulling something recently. My luggage through the airport! I was amazed by all that he could tell from the muscles in my back and arms. I felt like a million bucks after and was so relaxed. After sitting in airports and uncomfortable airplane seats, it was just what my body needed!

Now, my Because Moments happen all day long. My days consist of lifting my girls, helping them get ready, standing to cook and clean, twisting to buckle booster seats, bending to sweep and clean, and working on my laptop. While pregnant, add throwing up and laying in awkward positions to try and not be nauseous to the list ;) Instead of viewing massages as a luxury, we need to look at them as preventative care. Treating ourselves well shouldn’t be an afterthought! Whatever your Because Moment is, Massage Envy is here to help you take care of yourself. Go get a massage! You will be so glad you did. We used to have a Massage Envy here in Santa Maria, but it closed. Matt & I got a couples’ massage for Valentine’s Day there and it was incredible! Now there is one in Arroyo Grande, in the Trader Joe’s shopping center. I am heading there soon for a much-needed Prenatal Massage!

A Little News!

We are adding another little pumpkin to the bunch this Spring! Miller-5I’m 14 weeks along and due on May 12th, 2016! With my track record of being overdue – I’m saying May 17th instead. It’s my Bobba’s birthday and would be a great day to have a baby :) Miller-6We are so excited! Ada & Lola can’t wait to be big sisters to baby. Lola kisses my belly and says, “Goodnight, little one.” So far everything looks great! Growth is right on track and baby’s heart rate was 140-142 at my last appointment.Miller-4I am sorry if I’ve avoided you or been short in past months, I’ve been sick. So very tired, too. Thank goodness for Zofran! It took the edge off and helped me keep food down. Wish I would’ve had it with my girls.

Photos by the talented Kirsi of LK Photoshoots! She is so good with my girls and has such a great eye for locations and ideas. Book your spring photo shoot with her here!

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